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The Window Shop has the solution to your fogged or broken insulated windows.  You do not have to replace the entire window, instead you can simply have us replace just the insulated glass unit, which will include two panes of glass that are factory sealed and will match your other windows.  Since these windows are factory sealed, they do have to be ordered and typically take 7-10 business days to receive.

Insulated Glass Replacement

We can perform this work at your home and commercial property or if you are able to bring the window to us, we can complete the repair of your broken or fogged insulated window in our shop.  You can bring the sash in and we will order a replacement unit for you.  During those days, you may take the sash back home to close the opening or leave the window with us, if you have already boarded up the opening.  Bring them to our family-owned glass shop in Plainville, CT for fast, friendly, and affordable replacement.  

What is the process?

The Window Shop has the solution to your fogged or broken insulated windows.  Call us today!



Insulated glass units are comprised of two or more lites of glass and separated by a spacer filled with desiccant.  Once that desiccant can no longer absorb moisture, your window will either have a foggy appearance or it will look wet with moisture in between the glass.  This can't be cleaned off so it’s time for a new insulated unit.  Call The Window Shop today to get the process started.

What is an insulated unit and why do they fail?

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